Sazerac. Reece Sims photo

Originating from New Orleans, the original Sazerac used Cognac as the base ingredient (it was later replaced with rye whisky). Apple brandy provides a smoother, more fruity base for this locally inspired iteration.

1 sugar cube

2 straws Ms. Better’s Bitters Aromatic Bitters

2 oz Forbidden Spirits Adam’s Apple Brandy

Rinse: Okanagan Spirits Taboo Absinthe

Garnish: lemon zest

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Forbidden Spirits Distilling

Forbidden Spirits photo

Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.’ small batch process offers them the time to carefully attend to each step of creating spirits from the orchard, to the distillery, to the cocktail in your hand. From their own apple orchard to their close relationship with local farmers they strive to use the finest local fermentables to craft a variety of seasonal spirits.

4400 Wallace Hill Rd., Kelowna


• Rebel Vodka
• Forbidden Vodka
• Eve’s Original Gin
• Adam’s Apple Brandy