Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets. Reece Sims photo

Thought of as a riff on a Sidecar, this inspired classic is amped up with the use of some higher-ABV craft spirits.

0.75 oz Wayward Distillery Cask Strength Apple Brandy

0.75 oz Wayward Distillery Drunken Hive Rum

0.75 oz Sons of Vancouver Quadruple Sec

0.5 oz lemon juice

Garnish: orange or lemon zest

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Whitley Neill Rhubarb Pie Fizz

Canadian Cake Hospitality photo

For the ultimate grown-up dessert, Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Gin is a wonderful base for a mouth-watering treat, whether served alone or paired with a scrumptious dessert. The Rhubarb Pie Fizz cocktail brings real pizazz to the table and great for a cheeky toast to the chef.

• 20ml Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Gin
• 10ml Lemon juice
• 50ml Apple juice
• Prosecco
• Slices of apple

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French Connection

French Connection. Reece Sims photo

Named after the Gene Hackman film of the same name, this two-ingredient cocktail is easy to make and pairs wonderfully with dessert.

2 oz Maple Leaf Spirits Lady of the Cask brandy

0.75 oz Sons of Vancouver Amaretto

Garnish: lemon zest

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Sazerac. Reece Sims photo

Originating from New Orleans, the original Sazerac used Cognac as the base ingredient (it was later replaced with rye whisky). Apple brandy provides a smoother, more fruity base for this locally inspired iteration.

1 sugar cube

2 straws Ms. Better’s Bitters Aromatic Bitters

2 oz Forbidden Spirits Adam’s Apple Brandy

Rinse: Okanagan Spirits Taboo Absinthe

Garnish: lemon zest

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Corpse Reviver No. 1

Corpse Reviver No. 1. Reece Sims photo

The lesser-known sibling of the Corpse Reviver No. 2, this spirit-forward classic cocktail is renewed with an all-local lineup of ingredients.

1 oz Alchemist Distiller Duke Apple Brandy

1 oz Merridale XXO Brandy

1 oz Esquimalt Wine Rosso Vermouth

1 barspoon simple syrup (optional; see note)

Garnish: orange zest, cherry

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St-Remy Signature Smoked Old Fashioned

Canadian Cake Hospitality photo

St-Remy Signature is the newest creation from Master Blender Cecile Roudaut. With this blend, Cecile is using double maturation to explore a new production process before finishing in the traditional house style of St-Remy Brandy. Virgin French Oaks lend a new profile of flavours and aromas before rounding in traditional casks, thus shaping a new face for St-Remy Brandy.

• 2 oz St Remy Signature

• 0.25 oz simple syrup

• 2 dashes Winter Spice Bitters

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Lyre’s Bianco Spritz

Lyre’s Bianco Spritz, as served at the VCW 2023 launch party. Canadian Cake Hospitality photo

Zero-proof and delightfully refreshing with a hint of orange and a slice of cucumber. 

• 60mL Lyre’s Aperitif Dry Spirit

• 90mL premium bottle tonic water or cucumber tonic water

• 1 thin cucumber slice, 2 lemon slices

• Garnish: Fresh mint sprig (optional)

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