Spinnakers photo

Spinnakers small batch spirits are distilled in their seaside distillery. Made with 100% BC grown malted grains and water from their on-site artesian well.

308 Catherine Street, Victoria


• Spinnakers Classic Vodka
• Spinnakers London Dry Gin,
• Au Currant Crème de Cassis
• Chocoholic Crème de Cacao
• Cranberry Gin
• Pink Grapefruit Gin

Indigenous World Spirits

Indigenous World photo

The Indigenous-owned winery now also crafts vodka and gin infused with a combination of locally foraged botanicals, including rose hips, lavender, milk thistle, sorrel, borage and black lace elderberry—many of which were traditionally used as medicines by the local Indigenous Peoples.

2218 Horizon Dr., Kelowna


• Vodka
• Gin

Bespoke Spirits House

Shelly Heppner, founder and distiller of Bespoke Spirit House in Parksville. Photo by Dayman-Langen Photography

Bespoke Spirits House is a natural progression in the career of owner and distiller Shelly Heppner. Inherently creative, Shelly has always gravitated toward a medium of expression, whether it has been designing functional home décor, making her best-selling martini picks, or taking up the art of distilling.

425 Stanford Ave., Parksville

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• Virtue Vodka
• Jezebel Gin

Wiseacre Farm Distillery

Wiseacre Farm Distillery photo

The philosophy and profile of their spirits are very much inspired by the farm and forest they call home. With an ever-increasing amount of their ingredients growing just a stone’s throw from the still house, they strive to keep their spirits as ‘local’ as you can get.

5275 Goodison Road, Kelowna


• Prologue Vodka
• Single Malt Vodka
• Lazy Ass Vodka
• R&D Gin
• Lavender Gin
• Rhubarb Gin Liqueur

Mainland Whisky

Mainland Whisky photo

Influenced by American Moonshine recipes, Mainland’s small-batch corn whisky and whisky Liqueurs are made in a hybrid reflux still with organic ingredients, in Surrey, B.C.

107-3425 189th St., Surrey


• Corn Whisky
• Cinnamon Whisky
• Wildrose Whisky Liqueur
• Cherry Whisky Cordial

Misguided Spirits Distillery

Misguided Spirits photo

Misguided Spirits uses solely B.C. agricultural products—grain grown in the Peace River region and barley malted by Victoria-based Phillips Brewery and Malt Works. Speaking of misguided, Misguided Spirits is home to Brother XII vodka, named after the charismatic and demanding mystic who led followers to a colony he established southeast of Nanaimo in the late 1920s.

18-1343 Alberni Highway, Parksville


• Brother XII Vodka

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