Merridale Craft Distillery

This Vancouver Island cider business applied their traditional fruit focus to distilling, creating a range that includes gin, fruit brandies, a rested whiskey and even a carbonated vodka.

PO Box 358, 1230 Merridale Rd., Cobble Hill


• Cowichan Gin
• Cowichan Copper Gin
• Cowichan Vodka
• Cowichan XXO Brandy
• Whisky Jack’s
• Stair’s Pear Brandy
• Cowichan Brandy
• Pomme Oh! Fortified Cider
• Winter Apple Fortified Cider


Cowichan Copper Gin

FRAGRANCE: Little hot, pear and apple on the nose.
FLAVOUR: Honeyed licorice, orchard fruit, slight caramel.
FEEL: Silky mouthfeel.
FINISH: Coriander and peppered bitter finish.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Martinez.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Very unique product, mix in stirred drinks. —Shaun Layton, April 2016

Cowichan Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Green apple and citrus, hints of floral notes.
FLAVOUR: Fresh attack, light and bright eau de vie.
FEEL: Cool clean apple.
FINISH: Coriander and peppered bitter finish.
BEST ENJOYED: Great over ice, or chilled neat. A great light choice for cocktails.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A delicious eau de vie, not necessarily for the hard line vodka drinker. Think outside the box and you will not be let down. —Wendy McGuinness, July 2016

Cowichan Cognac Style Brandy

FRAGRANCE: Cooked fruit and baking spice.
FLAVOUR: Warm mulled wine. Playful spices throughout.
FEEL: A lot of alcohol warmth.
FINISH: Finishes with some spiced brandy notes. Warmth carries through due to 47 per cent ABV.
BEST ENJOYED: After dinner or with chocolate.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Decent take on the iconic spirit. —Trevor Kallies, October 2016

Stair’s Pear Brandy

FRAGRANCE: Brilliant fresh pear nose.
FLAVOUR: Pear skin, almond and vanilla.
FEEL: Rich and deep.
FINISH: Long lasting fresh pear.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat at room temp.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A fine brandy with excellent fresh pear aroma and flavor. A great digestif. Aged six years. —Robyn Gray, February 2017

Cowichan Gin

FRAGRANCE: Mild apple and citrus aroma.
FLAVOUR: Slightly sweet with a botanical background. Definitely do not notice the 47 per cent ABV. 
FEEL: Almost viscous. Very pleasant. 
FINISH: Long and enjoyable. Orchard fruit shines through.
BEST ENJOYED: Long with soda or very cold over ice. Could be interesting as a sour. 
THE BOTTOM LINE: Fun gin showcasing the prowess and opportunity of foraged ingredients. —Trevor Kallies, July 2017


Gillespie’s Fine Spirits

Friendship, a fun attitude, and a shared love of booze inspired Kelly Woods and John McLellan to start their Squamish-based still. Their spirits are designed to be cocktail friendly.

8-38918 Progress Way, Squamish


• Aphro Chocolate Chili Elixir
• Gastown Shine Wheat Vodka
• Lemoncello
• Sin Gin


Gastown Shine Wheat Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Clean aroma of sweet wheat, hints of vanilla.
FLAVOUR: Very smooth; light  sweetness, slightly nutty.
FEEL: Light-bodied with a creamy mouthfeel.
FINISH: Lingering notes of vanilla bean and white blossom.
BEST ENJOYED: Ideal for a very smooth and clean Martini or Vesper.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Perfect choice if you like a clean and subtle vodka. —Wendy McGuinness, April 2016


FRAGRANCE: Cold lozenges, lemon sorbet.
FLAVOUR: Bittersweet, fragrant lemon, pithy.
FEEL: Thin on the palate.
FINISH: Lasting pithy citrus.
BEST ENJOYED: Serve over ice, after dinner.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The colour is a bit jarring, but this is a cool local digestif. —Shaun Layton, July 2016

Raspberry Gin

FRAGRANCE: Raspberry yoghurt, citrus zest.
FLAVOUR: Gin first, with some fresh raspberry.
FEEL: Dry, clean. A bit boozier than most liqueurs.
FINISH: Mellow, a touch sweet but still balanced.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Clover Club. Too easy? As a Martini with bianco vermouth and a lemon twist.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A good one to try if you like fruitier cocktails and don’t have a huge selection of booze. Well made. —Josh Pape, February 2017

Sin Gin

FRAGRANCE: Green and sharp.
FLAVOUR: Woodsy, pine-tree spice.
FEEL: Pleasantly warm and mouth coating.
FINISH: Slight honey sweetness and a lingering peppery finish.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Last Word cocktail.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A robust, London Dry-style gin. —Robyn Gray, July 2017


Pemberton Distillery

Master distiller Tyler Schramm uses local organic Pemberton potatoes as the base for his extensive range of spirits
and liqueurs.

1954 Venture Pl., Pemberton


• Schramm Organic Gin
• Schramm Organic Potato Vodka
• Pemberton Valley Organic Single Malt Whisky
• The Devil’s Club – Organic Absinthe
• Organic Hemp Vodka
• Organic Kartoffelschnaps
• Byron’s Organic Coffee Liqueur
• Barrel Aged Apple Brandy
• Elderflower Liqueur
• Blueberry Liqueur
• Cherry Liqueur
• Strawberry Liqueur
• Whisky & Wild Honey Liqueur


Schramm Organic Potato Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Earthy; soil, wet wood, raw potato.
FLAVOUR: Dark chocolate, agave, smoky caramel.
FEEL: Bold, full-bodied, silky texture.
FINISH: Long, memorable, almost tequila-like.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, or on the rocks for sipping; makes a great Martini with olives.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Not for everyone, but a fascinating finished product. Great example of traditional potato vodka using Scottish distillation techniques. —Scott Barber, April 2016

Schramm Organic Gin

FRAGRANCE: Fresh herbs, hints of citrus, lavender.
FLAVOUR: Subtle juniper, gooseberry.
FEEL: Off dry, light.
FINISH: Mild sweetness, herbaceous.
BEST ENJOYED: Fun to use with blackberries or Bing cherries in cocktails.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Fantastic local gin. Try some! —Scott Barber, July 2016

The Devil’s Club Organic Absinthe

FRAGRANCE: Fennel, anise, could be mistaken for Yellow Chartreuse.
FLAVOUR: Hints of hemp seed, anise is not overpowering, bright fennel, hops, warm wormwood.
FEEL: Perfect amount of silkiness.
FINISH: Finishes hot, bright, non offensive.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, or in a cocktail emphasizing citrus.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A must try! Super fresh, it’s 60 per cent ABV, so go easy. —Scott Barber, October 2016

Organic Kartoffelschnapps

FRAGRANCE: Earth and honey.
FLAVOUR: Tastes like potato. Slightly sweet with gentle spicy notes.
FEEL: Good viscosity, full across the palate.
FINISH: Lingers at the back of your tongue, almost like candy.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail as a secondary liqueur.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Unique and worth a try. I have not sampled anything like this before. —Scott Barber, February 2017

Whisky & Wild Honey Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Whisky and honey. Surprise!
FLAVOUR: Vanilla. Leather.  
FEEL: Velvety. Soft and luxurious.
FINISH: Increasingly complex.
BEST ENJOYED: On the rocks. Maybe with more (peated) whisky added as a Rusty Nail alternative.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A tasty local alternative to products made abroad. —Josh Pape, October 2017


G&W Distilling

Goodridge & Williams is quickly becoming a national player in craft distilling, led by the best-selling Sid’s Handcrafted Vodka and award-winning Nütrl Vodka.

7167 Vantage Way #8, Delta

Read more about G&W Distilling:
Delta Rising: At G&W Distilling, Stephen Goodridge has big plans


• Sid’s Handcrafted Vodka
• Nütrl Vodka
• Tempo Renovo Dry Gin
• Bitterhouse Aperitifs
• Mapleshade Repose
• Silverdawn Vodka
• Sid’s Something Else!
• Nütrl Vodka Soda


Silverdawn Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Banana, vanilla, chocolate.
FLAVOUR: Sweet and savoury; banana on the palate.
FEEL: Medium-full body.
FINISH: Delicate and memorable. A long, flavourful conclusion.
BEST ENJOYED: Sipping vodka, best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. With olives or a twist in a Martini, maybe even a fresh raspberry.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Holds up on its own, with flavour characteristics that deserve not to be masked by juice. —Scott Barber, April 2016


FRAGRANCE: Citrus notes, especially orange.
FLAVOUR: Not much on the palate.
FEEL: Slightly creamy mouthfeel.
FINISH: Smooth and short.
BEST ENJOYED: Chilled neat, or with a few ice cubes and lemon zest.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Decent vodka that ticks the boxes vodka should: clean and neutral. —Trevor Kallies, July 2016

Bitterhouse Rubato

FRAGRANCE: Rhubarb, strawberry, almost like an Eastern European pastry shop.
FLAVOUR: Subtle summer fruit, bitter liquorice, cream soda.
FEEL: Very light on the palate. 
FINISH: Lasting bitterness, stays around for a while.
BEST ENJOYED: Needs bubbles! Negroni Sbagliato or Americano.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A great alternative to Campari or other, harder to find, bitters. —Shaun Layton, October 2016

Bitterhouse Daman

FRAGRANCE: Grapefruit and more grapefruit.
FLAVOUR: Not as tart as expected, very well balanced aperitif. Perfect acidity. 
FEEL: Definitely a little viscosity, but not heavy or thick. 
FINISH: Light, memorable. Could convert even grapefruit haters.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, chilled over ice, or in cocktails. We feature it in a Gin Sour.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Buy a bottle and have some fun. Mix it up! Very cool product. —Scott Barber, February 2017

Tempo Renovo Dry Gin

FRAGRANCE: Sweet vanilla.
FLAVOUR: Vanilla and buttery.
FEEL: Medium bodied. 
FINISH: Long-lasting sweetness. 
BEST ENJOYED: In a Silver Gin Fizz.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Beautiful, easy-going sweetness makes for a versatile cocktail gin. —Robyn Gray, July 2017

NÜTRL Vodka Soda

FRAGRANCE: Light lemon zest.
FLAVOUR: Tastes like a vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon.
FEEL: Feels like a vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon.
FINISH: Short, clean finish (like a vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon). 
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, straight from the fridge. Recommend over ice and cold, cold, cold.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Ideal for camping/boating/barbecue/outdoor activities/poolside/sport events. —Trevor Kallies, October 2017

Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers

This North Shore distillery augments its rosemary and olive-infused gin and award-winning vodka with a variety of small-batch seasonal releases.

2270 Dollarton Hwy., North Vancouver,


• Rosemary and Olive Gin
• Deep Cove Vodka
• Barrel Aged Mediterranean Gin (Limited)
• Barrel Aged Akvavit (SOLD OUT)


Rosemary & Olive Gin

FRAGRANCE: Funky tropical fruit, salty.
FLAVOUR: Pine, hot, aggressive on the palate.
FEEL: Thin, spicy, hot.
FINISH: Powerful finish.
BEST ENJOYED: Dirty Martini.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Doesn’t stand up to its Spanish or B.C. counterparts. Lots going on, and very hot. —Shaun Layton, July 2016

Barrel Aged Akvavit (Sold Out)

FRAGRANCE: Herbs and spices, background of liquorice.
FLAVOUR: Full. Fennel and caraway shine, softened by some
floral notes.

FEEL: Thin on the mouth, warming.
FINISH: Spices resonate throughout.
BEST ENJOYED: Warm, after coming in from the cold.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Spices are all there. Well balanced. A good sipper for winter. —Trevor Kallies, October 2016

Deep Cove Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Light, not too boozy.
FLAVOUR: Sweet, white pepper.
FEEL: Even, balanced, medium body.
FINISH: Clean, silky and long.
BEST ENJOYED: With less, rather than more. Keep it booze forward.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A well made spirit, better than the big-name brands you get with bottle service in the club. —Josh Pape, July 2017

Barrel Aged Mediterranean Gin

FRAGRANCE: Big, herbaceous rosemary.
FLAVOUR: Sweet and herbaceous.
FEEL: Soft and round.
FINISH: Pepper spice, light citrus.  
BEST ENJOYED: In a Martini.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Stirred down cold, this gin’s unique character is best enjoyed when its spirit can shine through. —Robyn Gray, October 2017

De Vine Spirits

This Saanich-based distillery is proud to use local fruits, honey and grains in their spirits. Also a winery, they use their own grapes as the base for their Vin Gin.

6181B Old West Saanich Rd., Saanichton

Read more about de Vine Spirits:
Through the grapevine: How a vintner became one of B.C.’s leading distillers


• Sitka Vodka
• Vin Gin
• New Tom Barrel-Aged Gin
• Genever Gin
• Honey Shine Beekeeper’s Reserve
• Pomme Barrel-Aged Apple Brandy
• Black Ram Blackberry Brandy
• Moderna Vermouth


Honey Shine Beekeeper’s Reserve

FRAGRANCE: Waxy, floral notes.
FLAVOUR: Vanilla, marzipan.
FEEL: Thinner than expected, still pleasant.
FINISH: Slightly bitter, spice, honey sweetness still comes through.
BEST ENJOYED: Bees Knees Cocktail.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Good buy for an interesting B.C. spirit. —Shaun Layton, April 2016

Vin Gin

FRAGRANCE: Citrus and spice.
FLAVOUR: Juniper forward, spice.
FEEL: Clean and crisp.
FINISH: Sweet lemon.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Pegu Club cocktail.
THE BOTTOM LINE: At 45 per cent ABV it allows the botanicals to shine in balance with a fruity sweet backbone of grape spirit made of Pinot Noir and Gruner Vetlinger. —Robyn Gray, July 2016

Moderna Vermouth

FRAGRANCE: Dark stone fruit, baked plums, vanilla.
FLAVOUR: Fruit forward up front, leading to bitter clove and citrus peels.
FEEL: A little thin for a vermouth of this complexity.
FINISH: Bitterness and clove stays around forever.
BEST ENJOYED: Makes a great Americano.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Not bad for a B.C. vermouth; the Italians have been doing it for hundreds of years. —Shaun Layton, February 2017

Genever Gin

FRAGRANCE: Pungent, green cardamom, toasted spice.
FLAVOUR: Fennel, cardamom, clove.
FEEL: Not subtle.
FINISH: Dry and hot.
BEST ENJOYED: As a bold Gin & Tonic. Or find a Rembrandt recipe with dry vermouth and Drambuie.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A fun cocktail ingredient. —Josh Pape, July 2017

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

A family-owned award-winning distillery with a wide range of products to its name, including an absinthe, and both rye and single malt whiskies. Tours and tastings are available in both its locations.

5204 24th St., Vernon
267 Bernard Ave., Kelowna
250-549-3120  |  778-484-5174

Read more about Okanagan Spirits:

Spirited Away: B.C.’s oldest craft distillery has made an international impact
Fruitful endeavour: Family-owned distillery crafts world-class spirits from homegrown harvests


• Essential Vodka
• Family Reserve Vodka
• Essential Gin
• Family Reserve Gin
• BRBN Bourbon-Style Corn Whisky
• Rye Whisky
• Okanagan Shine
• Taboo Genuine Absinthe
• Canados
• Kirsch Danube
• Old Italian Prune
• Poire Williams
• Raspberry Framboise
• Aquavitus
• Gewurztraminer Marc
• Pinot Noir Marc
• Blackberry Liqueur
• Blackcurrant Liqueur
• Blueberry Liqueur
• Cherry Liqueur
• Cranberry Liqueur
• Haskap Liqueur
• Raspberry Liqueur
• Rhubarb Liqueur
• Sea Buckthorn Liqueur


Poire Williams

FRAGRANCE: Sweet, ripe Bartlett pears.
FLAVOUR: Fruity, with a great boozy backbone.
FEEL: Clean, loads of mid-palate.
FINISH: Austere, dry, lean.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, after a big meal.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A delicious introductory digestif. —Josh Pape, April 2016

Cherry Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Cherry pit, fruit rollups, rose petals.
FLAVOUR: Tart cherry pie.
FEEL: Beautifully thin and bright.
FINISH: Cherry skins, rose water.
BEST ENJOYED: Remember The Main cocktail.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Great product showcasing Okanagan fruit. —Shaun Layton, July 2016

Maraschino Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Sour cherry.
FLAVOUR: Sweet cherry with underlying almond.
FEEL: Mouth-coating.
FINISH: Relatively short.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Last Word cocktail.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Very excited to see this product. A popular ingredient in classic cocktail recipes, it is great to have a local iteration. —Robyn Gray, October 2016

Taboo Genuine Absinthe

FRAGRANCE: Refreshing hints of citrus from the lemon balm, pleasant fennel presence.
FLAVOUR: All the herbaceous notes you’d expect from absinthe.
FEEL: Great body, initial sensation of alcohol heat.
FINISH: Long, hot, delicious. 
THE BOTTOM LINE: Try it neat without the sugar cube or any water dilution. —Scott Barner, February 2017


FRAGRANCE: Certainly smells like a corn whisky. Has a sugary note as well.
FLAVOUR: Corn and oak, some mild vanilla on the front.
FEEL: Warm, slightly mouth coating. 
FINISH: Corn sticks around, shadowed by the alcohol heat.  
BEST ENJOYED: Good with some ginger ale and held up in an Old Fashioned.  
THE BOTTOM LINE: Interesting taste for a Canadian take on “BRBN.” —Trevor Kallies, October 2017

Maple Leaf Spirits

Originally from Germany, and now based in the Okanagan, Jorg Engel has created a range of fruit-based liqueurs, brandies and grappas, produced from distilling 100 per cent B.C. fruit.

948 Naramata Rd., Penticton


• Maple Liqueur
• Pear Liqueur
• Cherry Liqueur
• Peach Liqueur
• Canadian Kirsch
• Pear Williams
• Italian Prune
• Aged Italian Prune
• Skinny Gewürztraminer
• Aged Skinny Syrah
• Lady of the Cask Brandy


Cherry Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Ripe cherries.
FLAVOUR: Maple, cherries—as advertised.
FEEL: Coats the palate, silky.
FINISH: Warm and pleasant.
BEST ENJOYED: Chilled, neat. Or as a substitute for Cherry Heering in a Blood and Sand.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Pretty pricey, but delicious and well made with good ingredients. —Josh Pape, April 2016

Maple Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Stone fruit, custard, vanilla, slightly hot.
FLAVOUR: Butterscotch, maple, smoky vanilla.
FEEL: Thin, in a good way for a liqueur.
FINISH: Balanced, with pleasant maple.
BEST ENJOYED: Over ice cream!
THE BOTTOM LINE: Great product and a cool little place to visit. —Shaun Layton, July 2016

Pear Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Fresh Pear.
FLAVOUR: Sweet pear eau de vie.
FEEL: Quite viscous and round.
FINISH: Long and lingering pear finish.
BEST ENJOYED: On its own straight up as an eau de vie, could also work as a great liqueur for creative cocktails.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Don’t let the cheesy packaging fool you. This is a very well made liqueur. –Wendy McGuinness, October 2016

Lady of the Cask Brandy

FRAGRANCE: Cocoa nibs, vanilla. More Scotch than Cognac.
FLAVOUR: Round and spicy.
FEEL: Hot, edgy, dry.  
FINISH: Sweet first, then savoury.
BEST ENJOYED: As a Sidecar. Or maybe a Sazerac.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Fairly abrasive neat, but it makes a good cocktail. –Josh Pape, February 2017

Peach Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Fuzzy peach candies.
FLAVOUR: All peach with some tangy notes. 
FEEL: Mouth coating. Syrupy texture. Not overly sweet.  
FINISH: Peach sticks around for some time.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat for dessert. Very positive substitution for commercial brands.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Nice for dessert, great as a modifier when needing a peach liqueur for a cocktail. —Trevor Kallies, October 2017

Long Table Distillery

Gin is at the heart of Long Table, with London dry-style, cucumber and barrel-aged varieties fuelling its many awards. This downtown Vancouver distillery also produces vodka, as well as seasonal liqueurs.

1451 Hornby St., Vancouver

Read more about Long Table Distillery:

Gin Tonic: Long Table, Vancouver’s original micro distillery, is fuelled by passion.


• London Dry Gin
• Cucumber Gin
• Barrel Aged Gin
• Texada Vodka
• Långbord Akvavit
• Amaro No. 1 – Linnaeus
• Small Batch Limoncello


Cucumber Gin

FRAGRANCE: Neutral, slight cucumber notes.
FLAVOUR: Cucumber, coriander, citrus.
FEEL: Nice mouthfeel, fruity.
FINISH: Dry and savoury.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Local gin for those Hendrick’s lovers. —Shaun Layton, April 2016

London Dry Gin

FRAGRANCE: Juniper, lemon peel, lavender.
FLAVOUR: Alpine notes, juniper heavy, bitter lemon.
FEEL: Thin mouthfeel.
FINISH: Great coriander, and black pepper finish.
BEST ENJOYED: Classic cocktails (Martini, Martinez, Hanky Panky).
THE BOTTOM LINE: The best B.C. London Dry on the market. —Shaun Layton, July 2016

Långbord Akvavit

FRAGRANCE: Caraway! Anise, citrus.
FLAVOUR: More spices, fennel. 
FEEL: Light up front, lots of back palate.
FINISH: Clean with lingering spices.
BEST ENJOYED: From the freezer, neat. Sub for gin – especially in a Corpse Reviver No. 2!
THE BOTTOM LINE: A cool alternative to gin. Very well made spirit. —Josh Pape, October 2016

Small Batch Limoncello

FRAGRANCE: Sweet lemon citrus.
FLAVOUR: Full and rounded lemon flavor.  
FEEL: Viscous and coating.
FINISH: Warm lasting ripe lemon.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Lemon Drop (vodka, limoncello, lemon juice).
THE BOTTOM LINE: Very clean, not too sweet, genuine natural lemon flavors. —Robyn Gray, February 2017

Amaro No. 1 — Linnaeus

FRAGRANCE: Pretty. Candied orange and potpourri.
FLAVOUR: Gentian, grapefruit zest, violet.
FEEL: Lean, dry, tannic.
FINISH: Bitter, perfumed. Expands.
BEST ENJOYED: As a replacement for Suze in a white Negroni, or maybe in an Aviation/French 75 hybrid.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A great first crack. They’ll have something special here before long. —Josh Pape, July 2017

The Liberty Distillery

With prime real estate on Granville Island, Liberty is open for tours, tastings and daily cocktails showcasing their vodka, different expressions of gin, and various white whiskies.

1494 Old Bridge St., Vancouver


• Truth Vodka
• Truth Oat Vodka (Distiller’s Reserve)
• Endeavour Gin
• Endeavour Old Tom Gin
• Endeavour Gin Origins
• Endeavour Pink
• Railspur No. 1 – White
• Railspur No. 2 – Wildflower Honey
• Railspur No. 3 – Spike
• Trust Whiskey – Single Grain
• Trust Whiskey – Single Cask – Madeira


Truth Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Fresh, bright.
FLAVOUR: Sweet, fruity.
FEEL: Velvety, even, pleasant.
FINISH: Soft. Front palate.
BEST ENJOYED: With less rather than more. Try it as a Martini with an olive or just neat.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Well made vodka. Worth the price of admission. —Josh Pape, July 2016

Endeavour Old Tom Gin

FRAGRANCE: The barrel is quite evident — hints of coriander, slight juniper, and violets.
FLAVOUR: Woodsy botanicals — cinnamon, cinchona, with small juniper presence.
FEEL: Silky from the barrel, with some tannin.
FINISH: Muted, with lingering sweetness and spice.
BEST ENJOYED: Screams for stirred classics such as a Martinez.
THE BOTTOM LINE: For whiskey lovers you want to convert to gin. —Shaun Layton, October 2016

Railspur No. 3 – Spike

FRAGRANCE: Spicy and nutty.
FLAVOUR: Vanilla and dried fruit.
FEEL: Smooth and mouth coating.
FINISH: Long-lasting.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Whisky Sour.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A young B.C. barley spirit with a rich spice complexity. —Robyn Gray, February 2017

Endeavour Pink Gin

FRAGRANCE: Slightly sweet and floral. A hint of pepper and citrus.
FLAVOUR: Bright rose petals with medium juniper.  
FEEL: Fresh, mild with a little creaminess to the mouthfeel.
FINISH: Long, floral.
BEST ENJOYED: This gin is destined for endless twists on the French 75. 
THE BOTTOM LINE: Fun to see a pink take on a navy-strength gin. Very charming bottle design and colour. —Trevor Kallies, July 2017

Endeavour Gin Origins

FRAGRANCE: Very light for a gin with 25 botanicals. Violet candies, lemon zest, potpourri.
FLAVOUR: Faint white pepper, nutmeg, mace, other baking spices.  
FEEL: Very rich, pleasant, syrupy viscosity.
FINISH: Clean finish, high alcohol sticks around.
BEST ENJOYED: Would make a great dry Gibson Martini.
THE BOTTOM LINE: For entry-level gin drinkers. Similar to Bombay Sapphire. —Shaun Layton, October 2017

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