B.C. Distilleries

With B.C.’s craft distillery and cocktail scene booming, it can be easy to lose track of what’s available where. Maybe you sipped something sensational at a lounge in Vancouver and you want to track it down, or maybe you want to see a complete roster of how many local distillers are producing moonshine, or single malt, or baijiu (hint: only one). Or perhaps you have a favourite label and you’re looking to see what they’ve added to their offerings lately. 

Then, welcome to The Alchemist distillery archive: your ultimate guide to every B.C distillery and what they’re making lately. It’s a virtual distillery tour of the entire province! Even better, our panel of spirits experts and award-winning mixologists have tasted their way through some of the most exotic and exciting options from each to give you advice on flavour, feel, finish, and how each spirit is best enjoyed. 

Dive in; your spirited adventure starts now. 

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