Perfect Pears

Fall’s favourite tree fruit makes a great addition to autumnal cocktails

Perfectly preserved pears, from left, as purée, in syrup or dehydrated into chips. Dan Toulgoet photo

There is a sublime comfort in autumn, as the breezy aroma of fallen leaves wafts away the smoke of our sultry summer. One of my favourite things to do in the fall is to cruise out to the local farmers markets and fill my basket with delicious local fruits and vegetables. As a cocktail maker, I love loading up on things that I can preserve and keep around through what is sure to be another cold, wet and dreary Vancouver winter.

This year, my focus is on pears. Often overlooked by cocktail makers, pears are a versatile ingredient when mixing fine drinks. Their juice provides delicate and sweet flavours; their flesh provides a rich texture to add depth to your cocktails. Pears also make a beautiful garnish and are a fantastic base for a sweet and savoury purée.

An abundance of pears grow throughout British Columbia, especially in the Okanagan Valley. Bartlett, Anjou, Bosc—each variety has its own unique characteristics that make wonderful additions to a cocktail recipe. The following recipes use some of my mum’s old preserving techniques and conjure up wonderful memories of years gone by. Follow the step-by-step instructions or come up with your own perfect pear cocktail.

From left to right, Chuzzlewit’s Pear, Spicy Pear Old Fashioned, Mezcal Mule, Cognac & Pear Brulée. Cocktails created by Justin Taylor. Dan Toulgoet photo
Make these pear-based cocktails:
Chuzzlewit’s Pear
Spicy Pear Old Fashioned
Mezcal Mule
Cognac & Pear Brulée

—by Justin Taylor


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