Whisky in the jar

After five long years, Shelter Point’s single malt has come of age

Head distiller James Marinus at work. Supplied photo

“Ready for the tour?” Patrick Evans asks with a chuckle. I climb into the 4×4 expecting a leisurely ride through Shelter Point Distillery’s expansive property.

I am mistaken: Evans hits the gas and we’re off-roading into the bush faster than I can say, “I’ll take a wee dram.”

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Shelter Point Distillery

Self-described “farmpreneur” Patrick Evans and family established a distillery on their 380-acre farm near Campbell River, growing their own barley for their single-malt whisky and vodka.

4650 Regent Rd, Campbell River

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Whisky in the jar: After five long years, Shelter Point’s single malt has come of age

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• Shelter Point Single Malt Artisanal Whisky
• Shelter Point The Collective Whisky
• Shelter Point Taste The Grainbow Single Cask Whisky
• Canada One Artisanal Vodka
• Hand-Foraged Botanical Gin
• Sunshine Liqueur


Yo! Off the Wall Spiced Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Cinnamon.
FLAVOUR: Barley sweetness and cinnamon spice.
FEEL: Clean and smooth.
FINISH: Residual sweetness and tickling spice.
BEST ENJOYED: In a highball with an artisanal cola.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Barley spirit makes this nicely balanced vodka easy-going. —Robyn Gray, April 2016

Shelter Point Single Malt Whisky

FRAGRANCE: Mild grain, little citrus and oak.
FLAVOUR: Slight hint of spice, fruit sweetness and a hint of chocolate.
FEEL: Smooth and silky.
FINISH: Medium long, grain lingers and is very pleasant.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat or rocks; you’ll be fine either way.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Balanced and delicious. Easily mistaken for a more established distillery.
This is a good buy.
 —Trevor Kallies, July 2016

Canada One Artisan Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Quite neutral. Very clean, a hint of spring flowers.
FLAVOUR: Heaps of anise, black pepper, mace.
FEEL: Buttery feel, in a great way.
FINISH: Coriander and black pepper, long, pleasant finish.
BEST ENJOYED: Very cold and crisp classic Martini, no garnish.
THE BOTTOM LINE: This one was a real surprise; thumbs up! —Shaun Layton, October 2016

Barrel of Sunshine Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Quince, orange marmalade, maple custard, mulled wine.
FLAVOUR: Tarte Tatin in an ISO glass! Quince, apple cider, candied orange.
FEEL: A little thick, but for what it is very pleasant.
FINISH: Christmas spices, citrus explosion.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Sidecar or Brandy Crusta. Or with soft cheese and fruit preserves after dinner.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A great addition to any back bar. —Shaun Layton, July 2017

Double Barrelled Single Malt Whisky

FRAGRANCE: Caramel and cacao.
FLAVOUR: Pronounced alcohol with baking spices.
FEEL: Light and astringent.
FINISH: Lasting toffee warmth.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Baking spice flavours play amazingly with sweet vermouth. —Robyn Gray, October 2017