Elevate your holiday cocktails with Blackpool Spiced Rum

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Lemon Hart & Son was established in 1804 with the creation of its iconic British-style rum, aptly named 1804. Times were exciting then, Beethoven was performing symphonies in Vienna, ‘Mad’ King George III ruled Britain and the world’s population had just reached 1 billion. Today, nearing its 215th birthday, the 1804 lends its traditional base to Lemon Hart’s fuller-bodied counterpart. A rich, Demerara style Spiced Rum.

Blackpool is a premium spiced rum. It’s allowing rum drinkers to lean towards more elegant, authentic and elevated flavours. Since its 2017 North American release, it’s been awarded the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge as well as 93 points on tastings.com, the highest ever rating for a spiced rum.

The vanilla and butterscotch flavours are prevalent thanks to a conservative (by comparison) 43% alcohol. It’s layered with a pure spice blend of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper and vanilla bean. There’s no additives or sweeteners, just simple ingredients with unlimited versatility.

Blackpool Spiced Rum is simple to mix and can easily elevate your holiday party. It’s the only single estate Guyanese rum available at BC Liquor Stores, and is $3 off until the end of the month.

—by Nicole Mackay

Make these cocktails with Blackpool Spiced Rum:
Black Bird

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