Summer in a glass

Photo courtesy of Joey Restaurants

For nine months of the year, we can enjoy our fancy drinks, our boozy drinks, our brown-bitter-stirred drinks all we like. But when summer rolls around, we just want something easy. Cool. Refreshing. Even better if it’s made with watermelon.

At least that’s what the team at Joey Restaurants, led by Director of Bar Jesse Sahlin, figured when they introduced The Watermelon Drink last year. Now it’s back to quench our thirsts this summer, too.

The idea was to create a drink that was not only refreshing and crushable, but lighter in alcohol and lower in calories than most cocktails. It’s only 130 calories, compared to, say, 185 in a Mint Julep, 190 in a Gin and Tonic or 219 in a Mai Tai.

Plus it’s got the quintessential summer flavour of watermelon. But remember: Summer is short, so enjoy it while you can.

Make the Joey Watermelon Drink at home. 

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