Ampersand Distilling Co.

Father and son, Stephen and Jeremy Schacht, hand craft their spirits on five acres of organic farmland in the Cowichan Valley, distilling their gin and vodka from B.C. wheat.

4077 Lanchaster Rd., Duncan

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• Per Se Vodka
• Ampersand Gin
• Imperative Dry Vermouth
• Nocino!


ampersand ginAmpersand Gin

FRAGRANCE: Juniper and coriander.
FLAVOUR: Juniper forward, floral, spiced finish.
FEEL: Medium to high viscosity.
FINISH: White pepper spice.
BEST ENJOYED: In a Gibson Martini.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Great value. Mix in citrusy drinks or a classic Martini. 
–Shaun Layton, July 2016

Per Se Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Light and creamy, almost vanilla.
FLAVOUR: Same, familiar creamy, semi-sweetness of a wheat vodka.
FEEL: Mildly mouth coating and pleasant.
FINISH: A little heat on the back, but easy to sip neat and at room temperature.
BEST ENJOYED: Chilled with not much else. Martini bound!
THE BOTTOM LINE: Not surprised it was voted B.C.’s best vodka two years running. –Trevor Kallies, October 2017

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