A cooler cooler

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Love it or hate it, the cooler is the quintessential drink of summer. Typically a fruity, fizzy, vodka-based cocktail in a can, it’s the ultimate in convenience for all summer’s camping trips and backyard BBQs.

But sophisticated it ain’t. Until now.

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co has just come out with a line of dry sparkling coolers made from local ingredients that might just change your mind.

M.O Fruitsecco is basically a subtly flavoured apple cider brightened with soda water. It comes in three flavours: Sparkling Dry (with a hint of lavender); Sparkling Rosé (with cherries); and Sparkling Basil. They’re all 5% ABV or less and 118 calories or less, with no gluten or refined sugars.

Now, these aren’t big, bold flavours, but light and refreshing, more tart than sweet, eminently sippable on a hot summer’s day. We especially loved the basil with its lightly herbaceous savoury note. Truth is, though, we wouldn’t kick any of them out of our picnic basket.

M.O Fruitsecco is sold in four-packs of 355 mL cans, available at BC Liquor Stores, private retailers and some grocery stores.

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