Sugar and spice and all things tiki

Supplied photo

Now you can make tropical cocktails at home almost as good as the ones at The Shameful Tiki Room, which was recently named the 2020 Nightclub & Bar Awards’ Best Tiki Bar in North America.

Vancouver’s favourite beachy bar has just released its first bottled “Exotic Cocktail Syrups” for retail sale. The allspice syrup has the sweetly warming flavours of the Caribbean that go so well in rum drinks; falernum is the classic citrus-and-spice sweetener you need for all your swizzles and such. (Both are essential for the tiki classic Three Dots and a Dash; find a recipe here.)

It took Rod Moore and Shea Hogan two years and “many, many back-and-forths” to create The Shameful Tiki syrups. They retail for $18 at The Modern Bartender and The Shameful Tiki Room, with more retailers to come.,

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