Summer of spritz

Aperol is the bright, bittersweet taste of the season

Aperol Spritz. Supplied photo

The vibrant orange hue of an Aperol Spritz is as cheerful as a sunny day, its refreshing flavour as uplifting as happy hour itself.

The spritz combines effervescent Prosecco with bittersweet Aperol, an aperitif that is low in alcohol (only 11% ABV), but high in flavour. A subtler version of its cousin Campari, Aperol’s flavour derives from gentian, rhubarb, cinchona and other botanicals that whet the appetite and quench the thirst.

In Italy, where Aperol originated a century ago, “happy hour” is known as “aperitivo,” the lively and joyful gathering of friends after work and before dinner. And the quintessential aperitivo cocktail is the Aperol Spritz. It suits today’s taste for complex, herbal flavours, yet is easy to make and versatile enough to enjoy at brunch, a picnic in the park or on a patio after a long day at work. It also pairs nicely with salty pre-dinner snacks like olives, nuts and salumi.

The Aperol Spritz is sophisticated yet easygoing, celebratory but casual enough to enjoy while lounging in a hammock. It balances sweet and bitter, lush and refreshing. It’s fizzy and fun. No wonder it’s the go-to cocktail of summer.


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