It Takes a Valley

It Takes a Valley. Patrón photo

Jared Schmidt’s Patrón Perfectionists competition-winning cocktail is inspired by the Okanagan Valley.

• 1.5 oz Patrón Silver

• 0.5 oz B.C. apple-infused Bénédictine (see note)

• 0.25 oz 1:1 simple syrup

• 1 oz B.C. organic white verjus

• 0.75 oz dry B.C. apple cider

• Garnish: grapefruit peel

Combine Patrón tequila, verjus, infused Bénédictine, and simple syrup in shaker. In the other side of the tin, add 5 to 6 good cubes of ice. Combine tins and shake hard for 10 seconds. Double strain with the Hawthorne and mesh strainers into a chilled coupe. Top with dry cider. Cut off a thin slice of grapefruit peel, express on to the top of the drink. Trim the garnish slightly, adorn upon the top of the coupe’s rim and serve. Serves 1.

Note: For the apple-infused Bénédictine: Cut and slice 2 fresh B.C. apples and put in a jar with 2 cups Bénédictine. Infuse for up to a week, then fine strain.

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