May Flowers

May Flowers. Tolu Olaku photo

For the month of May, the Chickadee Room decided to bring attention to Cystic Fibrosis Canada with its “Cocktail for a Cause,” May Flowers, created by bartender Sierra Knight.

• 1 oz Grand Marnier 

• 0.75 oz pisco 

• 0.5 oz Amaro Montenegro 

• 0.33 oz fino sherry 

• 0.75 oz lemon juice 

• 1 dash Bittered Sling Orange & Juniper Bitters

• Garnish: grapefruit peel, rosebuds, dehydrated grapefruit

Add all ingredients (except garnish) into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake for 7 to 10 seconds. Pour into a chilled coupe and express oils from a slice of grapefruit peel over the cocktail. Garnish with two rosebuds and dehydrated grapefruit. Serves 1. 

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