New 70’s ‘love motel’-inspired cocktail bar with snacks opening in Vancouver

An exciting project from a Michelin-starred team is about to debut

Meo is a new cocktail bar with snacks opening in February 2024 in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The project comes from the team behind Michelin-starred Kissa Tanto, which happens to be located right above the new nighttime venue.Left: Ian Lanterman/Right: Mark Yammine. Images courtesy Meo

The crew behind some of Vancouver’s most acclaimed – and sexy – restaurant concepts is at it again, this time revealing plans to launch an intimate cocktail and snack bar just steps away from their one Michelin-starred spot.

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Peek inside this hidden new Vancouver cocktail and raw bar before it officially opens

Look for the sign and go up the stairs to this sexy, intimate spot for drinks and snacks—soon!

Ama is a new Japanese-inspired cocktail and raw bar hidden above a Michelin Guide-recommended Greek restaurant in Vancouver. Lindsay William-Ross/V.I.A. photo

The only tell that there is a sexy, intimate Japanese-inspired cocktail and raw bar tucked in the space above a bustling Fraser Street Greek restaurant is the clever metal sign positioned above eye level to the right of an unadorned orange-hued door.

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Miami-inspired Vancouver bar with food and live entertainment sets opening date

Get ready for a spicy taste of Miami right here in Vancouver

Vancouver’s new speakeasy-style bar and restaurant is inspired by the occult

The founders of Vancouver’s beloved and departed ‘nerd bar’ are behind an exciting new venture

Arcana Spirit Lounge – disguised as a pet psychic business – is an occult-inspired cocktail bar and restaurant from the people behind Vancouver’s beloved Storm Crow bars. Photos courtesy Arcana Spirit Lounge

Does your cat, dog, or parakeet need a little help from the great beyond? Or do you just need a fun new spot to grab a drink?

What looks like a pet psychic business in Gastown at 238 Abbott St is actually the clever cover for an upcoming new cocktail bar and restaurant from the creative minds that brought Vancouver its beloved—and departed—Storm Crow bars.

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