Trëve De Noël

Julien Normand’s Trëve De Noël. Byron Smith photo

• 1 oz Brandy
• 1 oz Glühwein
• 0.5oz Grand Marnier
• 0.5oz Blandy’s Madeira
• 0.5oz Orange Juice
• 0.5oz Lemon Juice
• Dash Angostura Bitters

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Fortify yourself

The terroir-driven strength of sherry, port and madeira translates into great cocktails

It’s impossible to pass a day in Portugal, Spain or Madeira without being offered a glass of one of their famous fortified wines. Often presented in cocktails and mixed drinks, these local terroir-driven sherries, ports and Madeiras are as natural to drink as (and in some cases more than) water. Because of their blend of wine and spirit, fortifieds are highly useful and versatile in mixed drinks and cocktails, providing just enough of that spirited touch without all the booze of a straight spirit.

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Islas Moradas (Purple Island)

The Islas Moradas Cocktail by Keegan Coates. Rebecca Wellman photo.

“I was inspired by the idea of the island of Madeira floating in the sea. I wanted the richness of the Madeira to float on a refreshing, citrus-forward, more tropical cocktail.”

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