Classic Mint Julep

Classic mint julep. photo

With its mountain of crushed ice, the mint julep is one drink that cries out for a straw, and a reusable glass one allows for the purest taste of bourbon and mint. In fact, it was because he didn’t like the way rye grass made his mint juleps taste that an American inventor named Marvin C. Stone created the first paper straws, back in the late 19th century.

5-6 tender mint leaves
1 tsp (5 mL) sugar
3 oz (90 mL) bourbon
Mint sprig for garnish

Place the mint in the bottom of a chilled double old fashioned glass or silver beaker. Add sugar and crush gently with a muddler. Fill the glass with cracked ice, making sure to drain any water from the ice first. Pour the bourbon over the ice. Stir briskly – the glass should become nice and frosty. Add more ice, stir again. Gently slap the mint sprig to release its aromas and use it to garnish the drink. Tuck two short straws into the drink and serve with a napkin or small doily. Serves 1.

Read more about reusable glass straws. 

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