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Aunts & Uncles and Brooklyn Clothing believe in durable fashion that only gets better with age

In this increasingly fast-paced, disposable society, quality products that are crafted to last are a reassuring reminder of how things can improve with age. It could be a single malt whisky maturing for a couple of decades, a carefully cellared Bordeaux, or that go-to pair of jeans or bag that never lets you down.

They need not even be a luxury. Brooklyn Clothing has been selling high-quality men’s fashion and accessories out of its Davie Street store since 2003. But high quality doesn’t come at designer prices, says owner Jason Overbo. And when you factor in how durable his products are, and the scope for repairing rather than replacing them, Brooklyn’s prices are a steal.

“We all have 20 pairs of jeans in our closet and two that we actually like and wear,” says Overbo. “So, I tell guys all the time, don’t buy something just because it’s on sale or because it’s cheap; buy something you like and that you’re going to love and have for a long time.

“Buy less, buy better quality. I think it’s a great philosophy.”

One brand sold at Brooklyn that particularly captures this philosophy is Aunts & Uncles, which has been producing fashionable, robust bags for men and women since 2004.

“Everything is built for functionality, usability and durability,” says Axel Menzler, the German brand’s North American rep. “Our slogan is ‘style with care,’ so we want to build something with a fair price point that’s got everything you want in there. That’s your item that you go into the hustle and bustle with every day; you can rely on it.”

In the unlikely event the zipper should break or a rivet come loose, Aunts & Uncles’ point-stitched construction makes repairs easy.

With vintage being a style unto itself, Aunts & Uncles bags are highly sought after because of how gracefully they age. At Brooklyn, Overbo keeps a display example of a well-used A&U shoulder bag to show customers. It radiates character and looks like it could tell a few stories.

“It becomes your unique piece because it wears in,” explains Menzler, admiring the display bag. “So we might both have the same bag and I’ll see you half a year later and your bag will look different from mine.”

And, fittingly for a brand that gets better with age, many of Aunts & Uncles’ bags come in a colour called Single Malt.

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