Scotch Rocks Punch

Justin Taylor’s Scotch Rocks Punch. Dan Toulgoet photo

This flavourful punch was created by Justin Taylor, general manager of The Cascade Room.

• 1 bottle (750 mL) blended scotch
• 1 cup Cynar amaro
• 1 cup apricot brandy
• 1 cup oleo saccharum
• 1 Tbsp Angostura bitters
• 4 cups cold water

Combine ingredients in a large container and stir. Place container in the refrigerate to completely chill. Pour over an ice block in a large punch bowl (see note). Ladle into cups or glasses. Serves a crowd.

NOTE: To make a beautiful ice block, the day before you plan to serve your punch, line a Bundt pan with slices of lemon and orange, add ice cubes to hold the fruit down, then fill with water and freeze overnight.

—by Justin Taylor

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