The glassware we’ve been waiting for

Riedel glassware’s new cocktail specific glasses.

Here at The Alchemist, we have a bit of a glassware problem. I mean, who can resist a cute coupe or an elegant Nick & Nora or a perfectly cut rocks glass? Not us.

That’s why we’re clearing space in our cupboards for Riedel’s newish range of barware.

Riedel, of course, is the glassware company famous for creating variety-specific wineglasses. Although they started producing spirit glasses a few years back, they held off on cocktail ware until relatively recently. These sleek vessels are worth the wait.

Elegant, functional and (mostly) dishwasher safe, these might finally convince you to pack up those fragile, hand-wash-only vintage stems. The rocks glass is specially sized for large-format ice ($89.80 for two with a matching pitcher). The Nick & Nora is designed so you can sip without craning your neck ($29.90 for two) The long drinks glasses will remind you why you love a highball ($34.90 for two). Plus, this being Riedel, there are glasses for specific cocktails—sours, fizzes, gin drinks, rum drinks, champagne cocktails, anything you want to sip.

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