Make it Matsutake

Photo courtesy of Bearface Whisky

Because there are so few rules governing Canadian whisky, those who make it can give their creativity free rein. And that is just what Andres Faustinelli, master blender at Bearface Whisky, is doing with his new “Wilderness Series” of whiskies made with ingredients foraged in B.C.’s Monashee Mountains.  

The series launches with the Matsutake Release 01, featuring the rare and precious matsutake mushroom that grows wild here and is so very prized abroad, especially in Asia. Adding mushrooms to whisky may seem odd, but it is in fact part pf a much larger trend, notes sommelier-forager Bram Bolwin. “In recent years, many of the world’s most acclaimed mixologists have been embracing the potential of umami-rich fungi as an inventive cocktail ingredient,” he says.

The limited edition Bearface Wilderness Series: Matsutake Release has a complex, nutty and earthy character with notes of baking spices and a savoury finish. It retails for $49.95.

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