Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio. Jana Bizzarri photo

This cocktail by Marta Ess of Halifax, NS, won the national Patron Perfectionist cocktail. She represented Canada on the global stage in Mexico in June.

• 1.5 oz Patron Silver

• 0.75 oz Martini Rosso vermouth

• 0.75 tsp amaro (preferably Amaro Lucano)

• 1 oz pineapple juice

• 0.5 oz lime juice,

• 0.5 oz rich simple syrup (2:1)

• Garnish: freshly grated nutmeg

Place all the ingredients except the rich simple syrup and nutmeg in a shaker tin. Add ice and shake until chilled. Strain cocktail into a separate vessel, discard the ice, and return cocktail to shaker tin. Do not add additional ice. Add the rich simple syrup and dry shake. Fine stain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Place a card or piece of paper over two-thirds of the top of the glass, and grate the nutmeg over the exposed surface areas. Serves 1.

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