Spirited reads

These three new books will get you inspired to shake up your cocktail routine.


A Quick Drink: The Speed Rack Guide to Winning Cocktails for Any Mood by Lynnette Marrero and Ivy Mix with Megan Krigbaum (Abrams Books)

Marrero and Mix are the founders of Speed Rack, the famed all-women quality-plus-speed-plus-insanely-fun bartending competition that raises money for breast cancer charities. Here they’ve gathered more than 100 recipes from more than 80 international bartender competitors. Plus they offer useful tips for batching cocktails, making infusions and syrups, creating new drinks and much more.

The Connaught Bar: Cocktail Recipes and Iconic Creations by Agostino Perrone with Giorgio Bargiani and Maura Milia (Phaidon Press)

The Connaught is one of the world’s most beautiful, stylish and iconic bars, thanks in part to its elegant cubist décor, but mostly down to Ago Perrone, its director of mixology since 2008, and his talented team. This gorgeous book includes recipes for 100 cocktails, mainly twists on the classics, as well as 120 additional recipes for the homemade syrups, infusions and garnishes that make them so memorable.

The Cocktail Parlor: How Women Brought the Cocktail Home by Nicola Nice (Countryman Press)

For much of drinks history, cocktail manuals were written by men for other men working behind the bar and serving mainly men in front of it. Yet many of our most famous cocktails were perfected at home by women in their cocktail parlors. Here Nicola Nice, a sociologist and spirits entrepreneur, profiles some of those influential hostesses and the cocktails they popularized.

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