The milky-whey

The Milky-Whey. Fred Fung photo

Unique, delicious and very West Coast.

• 1 oz milk liqueur (see recipe below)
• 0.5 oz East Van vodka
• 0.25 oz arancino
• 0.5 oz B.C. mead
• 0.5 oz fresh-pressed orange juice
• 0.5 oz whey

Combine all ingredients into shaker tin. Vigorously shake for 15 seconds. Fine strain over ice into rocks glass. Garnish with orange twist.

Kaitlyn Stewart’s milk liqueur recipe:

• 2 cups of whole milk
• 2 cups of vodka or grappa
• 2 cups of sugar
• 2 oranges (cut into pieces)
• 1 lemon (cut into pieces)

Pour all ingredients into a large jar and cover. Leave for 10 days at room temperature. Stir or shake daily. After 10 days, strain contents. Strain again through a coffee filter. Repeat until the liquid is clear.

—by Kaitlyn Stewart

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