Spice up winter with Fever-Tree ginger

Ale or beer, spiced or smoky, it’s what we’re thirsty for right now

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Warm, bright and pleasantly spicy—when the weather turns cool, we crave the flavour of ginger. Luckily, Fever-Tree has our holiday-spice cravings covered with a range of ginger mixers.

“People love it,” says Alexis Green, the national brand engagement manager for Fever-Tree. “People are slowly starting to discover the ginger ale range and they really love it. People are going crazy for the smoky and the spicy.”

Fever-Tree is best known for its Premium Indian Tonic Water, which was introduced in 2005, but the UK-based brand is really a mixer company that also produces club soda, sparkling lemonade and the gingers, as well as several flavours of tonic water.

“The mixers were created to mix with a spirit where mainstream sodas were meant to be consumed soft,” Green says. Fever-Tree mixers have fine bubbles that carry flavours well, instead of commercial sodas’ “big, big bubbles that hurt your mouth,” and are made with cane rather than sickly-sweet corn syrup. “There’s also quite a lot of ginger in our ginger ale and ginger beer,” Green adds, noting that Fever-Tree sources its ginger in Nigeria, Cochin, India and the Ivory Coast. “Both use the oils of the ginger plant, but ginger beer also uses the root of the ginger plant, which gives it that spicy kick.”

In addition to the ginger beer (which also has a “Refreshingly Light” version), in Canada, Fever-Tree offers Premium Ginger Ale, Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, which has flavours of sweet clementines and cinnamon, and Smoky Ginger Ale, with notes of smoked applewood and soft citrus.

Green suggests using the Premium Ginger Beer in classic cocktails like the Moscow Mule or Dark ‘n’ Stormy, and the Premium Ginger Ale in sangria or a “summer cup,” similar to a Pimm’s Cup. “Smoky ginger is really lovely with bourbon. It rounds out the flavours nicely,” she says. “And spicy orange and tequila go really nicely together.”

All are terrific in highballs, the cocktail choice of 2020. “People are looking to treat themselves. They want to drink in a more sophisticated way, but without making it complicated,” Green says.

An elevated experience, made with premium spirit, premium mixer and a nice garnish. Isn’t that just what we’re craving this winter?

Mix your Ginger

Fever-Tree mixers are created with the highest quality ingredients, natural flavours and no artificial sweeteners. Made from ginger of the highest quality sourced from Nigeria, India and the Ivory Coast, our ginger ales and beers have been carefully crafted to complement the varied flavours of spirits.

Use our Fever-Tree Ginger Pairing Wheel to create versatile cocktails following the simple philosophy of premium mixer + premium spirit + elevated garnish. While the spirit pairings list here is not exhaustive, we think it provides some excellent examples that any bar can use to create the best drink experience possible, but we also welcome you to explore your own.


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