Great world bars we love: Dante West Village

The bar at Dante West Village. Doris Sun photo

New York City is back. Like back back. After a whirlwind two years as the city hardest hit by the pandemic, there is now an energetic buzz returning to the streets. People are going out again in droves. Tourists are re-visiting. And that means you are likely to find yourself in a standing room situation squished between patrons or circling the block hoping for a table to open up when looking for a place in which to imbibe. 

Dante West Village is one of those magical spaces well worth waiting for. It is the second outpost of the former World’s 50 Best Bars list topper and opened at the apex of the pandemic in July 2020. 

Located on a quaint corner in the heart of the West Village, the whimsical space immediately draws you in with its esthetic charm. Light-filled and airy by day, Dante WV offers beautifully crafted spritzes and other aperitivos set against a backdrop of dried florals and soft green furniture accents. 

The Coco Cosmo (coconut-washed Absolut, coconut liqueur, cranberry wine, coconut water) at Dante West Village. Doris Sun photo

Just as its sibling is famous for crafting an entire menu of Negroni cocktails in various creative iterations, West Village offers a list of eight playful Cosmopolitan riffs, taking on the long balked-at ’90s drink and making it trendy again. 

For those visiting in the evening, expect a palpable mood change as the room darkens and the energy amps up, with guests enthusiastically clinking coupes of perfectly frozen Martinis while noshing on a seafood-heavy menu that leans Italian. 

Servers are attentive and committed to providing a unique experience, often bringing surprises like mini Espresso Martinis to cap off your evening. Dante calls them “ones for the road” and they certainly make travelling to your next destination a whole lot more fun.

—by Doris Sun

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