Rule of 8

Photo courtesy of Dasha


12 oz Bacardi Ocho

4 oz Rémy Signature Brandy

2 oz Luxardo Amaretto

4 oz fresh lime juice

8 oz pineapple juice

6 oz mandarin syrup (see recipe)

12 oz grapefruit soda

Garnish: edible flowers, dehydrated pineapple, fresh fruit slices or whatever captivates your imagination


Add all ingredients except soda to a punch bowl and stir well. Top with grapefruit soda and add ice until 60 per cent full. Stir well and add garnish. (Snitkova recommends edible flowers and dehydrated pineapple.) Add ladle for serving. Serves 8 to 16.

Mandarin syrup:

Zest 30 mandarin oranges and set rinds aside. Use a juicer to juice all 30 of the zested mandarins. You should have approximately 3 cups (750 mL) of juice; if you don’t have enough, add some orange juice.

Combine juice and rinds with 2 cups (500 mL) water and 1,125 grams of sugar (5 2/3 cups) in a large pot. Bring to a boil, let simmer for 10 minutes and allow to cool. Once cooled, add 20 grams of citric acid to help with acidity and preserving. Note: This recipe yields over 2L of syrup; halve or quarter as needed.

—by Polina Snitkova of Dasha, Toronto.

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