The Alchemist Spring/Summer 2024

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Sometimes—well, most of the time, really—all we crave is the clean, icy-cold flavour of a Martini, the botanical bite of the gin and delicate floral essence of the vermouth. And it seems we’re not alone. Although the Martini has been around for at least a century and likely longer, it has never been trendier than it is right now. (Unless you include the syrupy “tinis” of the 1990s, which we don’t.)

In her piece “Make it a Martini,” writer Kate Dingwall explores the trend and some of the creative and luxe variations on the Martini that are being stirred up (never shaken) across Canada. And in Tasting Panel, Reece Sims taps bartenders in Toronto and Vancouver for their favourite Martini gins and the recipes they’d make with them. Enjoy! We sure plan to.

Also in this issue: Our Home Bar columnist Matthew Benevoli explains the craft, science and magic behind clarifying cocktails. In Still Life, Charlene Rooke discovers Squirrel Friendz, Canada’s first 2SLGBTQIA+-owned and -operated spirits brand. She also follows the evolution of Nikka Whisky on a malty pilgrimage around the world. We check out cool bars near and far, including a trip down the boozy rabbit hole at The Alice in Oxford. Meanwhile, Christine Sismondo introduces us to the rotovap, the gadget we didn’t know we needed and now think we can’t survive without, if only we could afford it.

Plus we round up some of Canada’s recent award-winning bars and bartenders and cover the latest spirited news from here and around the world.

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—Joanne Sasvari, Editor

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