Dragon Mist Distillery

Using wheat from Dawson Creek, Surrey-based Sherry Jiang is producing Canada’s only expressions of traditional Chinese spirit, baijiu.

213-19138 26th Ave., Surrey

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• Dragon Mist Vodka
• Dragon Mist Baijiu
• Dragon Mist Gin
• Cranberry Liqueur
• Coffee Liqueur
• Blueberry Liqueur
• Limoncello


Baijiu Gold

FRAGRANCE: Sweet wheat, bread.
FLAVOUR: Intense with heat, anise, lingering sweetness.
FEEL: Light on the palate, extremely vibrant on the tip of the tongue, dissipates quickly.
FINISH: Very long finish of sweet wheat.
BEST ENJOYED: An intense high-proof spirit. Think a Chinese version of the ever-popular White Dog.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Packs a punch for those looking for a neutral spirit with some balls. —Wendy McGuinness, April 2016

Coffee Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Steeped medium roast.
FLAVOUR: Tempered coffee, touch of anise.
FEEL: Soft, unassuming.
FINISH: Sweet, too short.
BEST ENJOYED: Maybe on the rocks.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Too unassuming to make an impact. —Josh Pape, July 2016

Cranberry Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Stewed dark fruit.
FLAVOUR: Tart cranberry snap.
FEEL: Oily, good staying power. 
FINISH: Lasting.
BEST ENJOYED: In a punch or simple mixer with soda.
THE BOTTOM LINE: A great festive holiday mixer. —Robyn Gray, October 2016

Blueberry Liqueur

FRAGRANCE: Berrylicious.
FLAVOUR: Not overly sweet at all. Very enjoyable.
FEEL: Light. Doesn’t have that thick sugar feel, which is nice.
FINISH: Short, clean.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, as an after-dinner sipper. Would be great in a spritz.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Get a bottle if you’re looking for a natural-tasting liqueur. —Scott Barber, July 2017


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