Yaletown Distilling Company

A successful brewery in the heart of the city, Yaletown moved into spirits in 2013, distilling gin and vodka from B.C. barley. Tours and tastings are available onsite.

1132 Hamilton St., Vancouver


• Yaletown Small Batch Craft Vodka
• Cranberry Vodka
• Mandarin Vodka
• Tequila Barrel Aged Vodka
• Espresso Vodka
• Artisan Honey Spirit
• Yaletown Small Batch BC Gin
• Cucumber Gin
• Hopped Gin
• Tequila Barrel Aged Hopped Gin
• Yaletown Single Malt Canadian Whisky


Small Batch BC Gin

FRAGRANCE: Lemon and juniper.
FLAVOUR: Sweet and fruity.
FEEL: Viscous, coats the mouth.
FINISH: Lightly bitter.
BEST ENJOYED: Sweet and fruity, with a lemon backbone—a perfect match for a Corpse Reviver #2.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Produced from locally grown barley this gin has a richness and mouth feel reminiscent of a Genever-style gin. —Robyn Gray, April 2016

Mandarin Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Intense stewed mandarin.
FLAVOUR: All about the orange essence; think opening a bag of Tang.
FEEL: Light on the palate.
FINISH: Long, mandarin orange.
BEST ENJOYED: With soda. The mandarin is going to come through with anything you mix with this.
THE BOTTOM LINE: An intense flavoured vodka. Tread lightly. —Wendy McGuinness, July 2016

Small Batch Craft Vodka

FRAGRANCE: Tropical! Banana, pineapple, bubble gum, vanilla.
FLAVOUR: Savoury, slightly briny, white pepper, yeasty.
FEEL: Nice mouthfeel, slightly sweet.
FINISH: Loads of spice, white pepper, marzipan, coriander.
BEST ENJOYED: Savoury notes would make for a great Dirty Martini.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Great value local product. —Shaun Layton, October 2016

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