Fermentorium Distilling Co.

Fermentorium’s Stump Coastal Forest Gin is fast-becoming a signature B.C. spirit. Its collection of artisanal tonic waters elevate even the most basic of highballs.

2010 Government St., Victoria

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• Stump Coastal Forest Gin
• Handcrafted Tonics


Hop Drop Elixir

FRAGRANCE: Dried hops.
FLAVOUR: Lightly bitter, like concentrated IPA.
FEEL: Very even. Starts soft and expands.
FINISH: Dry and clean.
BEST ENJOYED: Added to your favourite lager.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Really cool product. Fun to play with in beer cocktails. —Josh Pape, July 2016

Stump Coastal Forest Gin

FRAGRANCE: Where to begin? Moroccan mint tea. Pine needle or fir. Pesto.
FLAVOUR: Rosemary and stalky herbs. Lavender.
FEEL: Bold. Hot. Kinda brash.
FINISH: A bit boozier than it needs to be.
BEST ENJOYED: As a seasonal Gin & Tonic or a French 75 over the holidays. With a sprig of thyme?
THE BOTTOM LINE: Sub in for your favourite gin classics that are easy on the citrus. —Josh Pape, October 2017

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