Okanagan Crush Pad

The Summerland winery makes two expressions of gin (one of them for Vij’s restaurant), and a grappa-style spirit.

16576 Fosbery Rd., Summerland

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Harvest vine: Canada’s first custom crush facility moves into spirits


• Narrative Spirit of the Vineyard
• Narrative Twelve Botanicals Gin
• Vij’s Bolly Water Gin


Narrative Spirit of the Vineyard

FRAGRANCE: Fresh, white petals.
FLAVOUR: Pears, Gewurtztraminer.
FEEL: Lush, creamy, round.
FINISH: Dry with long pepper.
BEST ENJOYED: Neat, or subbed in for the vodka in a Vesper.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Approachable—for a grappa. —Josh Pape, April 2016

Narrative Twelve Botanicals Gin

FRAGRANCE: Raisin and orange peel.
FLAVOUR: Citrus and floral.
FEEL: Pronounced sweetness.
FINISH: White pepper spice.
BEST ENJOYED: In a gin Martini
THE BOTTOM LINE: Grape spirit gives a fruity backbone, chamomile and lemongrass really shine through. —Robyn Gray, July 2016

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