Sipping Tofino

Wolf in the Fog’s bar manager Hailey Pasemko. Wolf in the Fog photo

When you’re surrounded by wild bounty the way Tofino is, it only makes sense to use it however you can. And so Wolf in the Fog’s bar manager Hailey Pasemko transforms huckleberries into bitters, infuses gin with salal or spruce tips, and fat-washes vodka with salmon.

Now she’s looking beyond Tofino, to the great spirits being produced across B.C., for her new “Local Legends” cocktail program.

“We take classic cocktails and revisit them with B.C. products,” she says. “It came about because there are so many awesome products now on a world-class scale.”

The list currently comprises the Locals Only Negroni, a twist on the Lynchburg Lemonade, a Chi Chi and two variations on the Gin and Tonic.

And Pasemko isn’t stopping there. She’s working on working on a made-in-B.C. Twentieth Century, Penicillin and an Aperol spritz using G&W Distilling’s Bitterhouse LaDame. And, she adds, “There’s been some discussion of a Harvey Wallbanger in a popsicle form.”

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Make the Locals Only Negroni. 

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