Twilight Blooming: The Sky at Dusk

Twilight Blooming: The Sky at Dusk gets its blue hue from butterfly pea blossom. Photo courtesy of H Tasting Lounge

Recipe by Premium Bartender Andrew Kong at H Tasting Lounge at The Westin Bayshore, in partnership with Tealeaves. The cocktail comes in two parts, an infused-gin-and-tea base and a citrus-soda side. As you pour the citrus into the infused gin, the acidity transforms the deep blue to bright purple. Magic.

• 2 oz Star of Bombay Gin infused with Tealeaves Classic Blue Blend (see note)
• 0.5 oz steeped Tealeaves Classic Blue Blend tea
• 0.75 oz lemon juice
• 0.75 oz elderflower cordial
• 2 oz ume (plum wine)
• 0.5 oz soda water

In a pitcher or small carafe, combine the infused gin with the steeped tea and refrigerate until well chilled. In a separate container, combine the lemon juice, elderflower and ume, and refrigerate until well chilled. Do not add ice or other dilution to either.

When you’re ready to serve the drink, pour the gin-and-tea mixture into a champagne flute. Pour the lemon mixture into a separate small carafe and add soda. Serve the lemon mixture beside the flute and add it gradually. Serves 1.

Note: To infuse the gin, add a handful of loose-leaf Tealeaves Classic Blue Blend to a bottle of gin and allow to infuse. Strain before using.

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