Power Tools: Dream Bar

You might not splurge for them all, but here’s a glossary of the cool tools molecular mixologists and tech-savvy ’tenders use.

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Stündenglass smoker

Smoker: A system like the new Stündenglass smoker, or the popular Smoking Gun, use wood chips to infuse smoky flavours into cocktails.

Rotary Evaporator: The rotovap is a piece of science equipment that can double as a bar-top vacuum still, deeply infusing flavour into small batches of liquid.

Drinkmate Carbonator

Carbonator: This isn’t your everyday Sodastream. The Drinkmate, Aarke, Bonne O and others will carbonate any liquid (including cocktails), not just water.


Centrifuge: Another lab adaptation, this apparatus clarifies juices and extracts by spinning them at super-high speeds. Bar star Dave Arnold created the Spinzall especially for bar use.

CNC machine: A Computer Numerical Control machine carves and embosses ice spheres, pucks and other shapes with lab precision.

Super chiller: An ultra-cold ethanol and water bath freezes liquids very fast, a trick bars use to make ice “balloons” and more.

—by Charlene Rooke

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