World Class Canada 2019 regional finalists announced

Diageo photo

Heading to the Diageo Reserve World Class Canada 2019 regional final competitions at the end of March are the following bartenders:

From the East (finals in Toronto):
Aaron Hatchell, ON
Aidan Lavoie-Whittall, QC
Andrew McDow, ON
Andrew Keyes, NS
Arnaud Leduc, QC
Emilie Loiselle, QC
Jason McNeely, ON
Keegan McGregor, NS
Lindsay Jones, NS
Shane Beehan, NS
Stephen Browner, NS
Thomas Yeo, QC
Williston Irvine, NS

From the West (finals in Calgary):
Chad Coombs, SK
Dinah Kisil, AB
Evita Raghunan, BC
Ian Miller, SK
James Grant, AB
Jeff Savage, BC
Jesse Werkman, AB
Jimmy Nguyen, AB
Joshua Frost, AB
Katie Ingram, BC
Mackenzie Ouellette, AB
Matthew Buck, AB
Max Curzon Price, BC

The top five winners in each region will continue to the national finals in June (location to be announced). For more info, visit

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