The Old Fashioned may be tops, but bring on the Bamboo!

The Old Fashioned is the top-selling cocktail in the world, according to Drinks International. photo

In January, Drinks International, a trade publication for the alcohol industry, released its annual list of the 50 best cocktails—or at least the best-selling ones—around the world. It’s perhaps no big surprise that the top drink, for the fifth year running, was that classic whisky-based bittered sling, the Old Fashioned.

More intriguing were the new entries to the list: the Irish Coffee at No. 47, its deliciousness winning out over its lack of perceived coolness; and the sherry-based Bamboo at 46, which finally acknowledges our growing love of the fortified wine from Spain.

To create the list, DI surveyed 127 of the best bars around the globe and asked them to rank the 10 best-selling classic cocktails at their establishments. Rounding out the top 10 overall were: 2. Negroni; 3. Whisky Sour; 4. Daiquiri; 5. Manhattan; 6. Dry Martini; 7. Espresso Martini; 8. Margarita; 9. Aperol Spritz; 10. Moscow Mule.

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Make the Bamboo.

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