Nikki Bayley writes about spirits, cocktails, food and travel for a range of publications around the world, including the, The Globe and Mail, The Australian, National Geographic Traveller and BC Living.


John Burns has been writing about politics, culture and food for more than 25 years. In that time, he’s found most dishes and drinks a) too sweet, b) too salty, or c) both. Those rare times when things are just right please him, therefore, all the more.


Alexandra Gill is The Globe and Mail’s western restaurant critic and a freelance food and drinks writer for numerous publications. She moved to Vancouver at the start of the city’s cocktail renaissance. No wonder she never left.


Janet Gyenes is a travel writer, editor and beverage columnist. Her articles and photography covering everything from cocktails to kayaking have been published in a range of print and digital publications.


Sheila Hansen is a Vancouver-based writer and editor with many years’ experience in travel and lifestyle publications. She’s just as happy exploring far-flung corners of our province as she is researching local craft spirits and cocktails.


Aileen Lalor is a freelance writer and editor. She was the editor of Female magazine in Singapore before moving to Vancouver, where she writes for Singaporean publications as well as the Vancouver Sun, Vita, Nuvo and


Fiona Morrow is a freelance writer and editor. She has written for several publications in Canada and the U.K. including The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, The London Times, Vancouver Magazine, BC Business and Time Out London.


Lauren Mote is the co-owner of local artisanal bitters company Bittered Sling and Diageo World Class Canada’s 2015 bartender of the year.

Tim Pawsey (a.k.a. The Hired Belly) writes and shoots at as well as for print publications including Where Vancouver, Quench, TASTE and Montecristo. He also judges a number of wine awards.

Charlene Rooke is a Certified Specialist of Spirits and a Moonshine University-trained craft distiller who writes for enRoute, Taste and Food & Drink. She drinks stirred rye Manhattans on the rocks.


Treve Ring is a wine writer and editor for regional, national and international print and digital publications, as well as an international wine judge and speaker. She is based on Vancouver Island, though is most often found on a plane or in a vineyard.

Joanne Sasvari is a Vancouver-based writer who covers food, drink and travel for a variety of publications, including a weekly drinks column for the Vancouver Sun. She is the editor of The Alchemist.


Shawn Soole is an award-winning bartender. Based in Victoria, he’s also a writer and consultant.


Justin Taylor has been mixing it up behind the bars of Toronto and Vancouver for almost two decades. He is currently general manager of The Cascade Room in Vancouver.


Michael White is a veteran magazine editor (Vancouver, FASHION, and more) and author of the award-winning music biography Popkiss. He is currently writing his second book.


Joe Wiebe is the author of Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider’s Guide to B.C. Breweries. He is the producer of Victoria Beer Week and the content director of the BC Ale Trail project. In between, he occasionally sips a small glass of Canadian whisky.