Edna’s cocktails: All the cool, none of the booze

Nick Devine launched Edna’s cocktails in response to a growing number of people looking for delicious alcohol-free drink options. jonny_nono photo

If one of Vancouver’s most legendary bartenders is going to release a canned cocktail, we are so going to be there for it, even if it has no booze. Maybe even especially if it has no booze.

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Unleaded: the Best Alcohol-free Drinks of 2021

Let’s retire the mocktails and let these placebo drinks, “nocktails” and free-spirited bottles happily get you through Dry-uary

A huge range of non-alcoholic spirits and other drinks are increasingly easy to find in Canada, since non-boozy drinks can ship almost anywhere. Sobrii photo

This year could be peak Sober Curious: just check out the new booze-free vending machine at Larry’s Market in the Shipyards, featuring mickeys of Solbru booze-free spirit and cans of Sober Carpenter and Partake near-beer in slots that recently held healthy salads and takeout—proof that Dry-uary is a full-blown lifestyle trend.

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