Edna’s cocktails: All the cool, none of the booze

Nick Devine launched Edna’s cocktails in response to a growing number of people looking for delicious alcohol-free drink options. jonny_nono photo

If one of Vancouver’s most legendary bartenders is going to release a canned cocktail, we are so going to be there for it, even if it has no booze. Maybe even especially if it has no booze.

The bartender in this case is Nick Devine, who was among the first to kickstart Vancouver’s cocktail scene back in 2007, when a place called George Ultra Lounge was the height of cool. He went on to open The Cascade Room, which became The Cascade Group, and to co-found Main Street Brewing. But in all those years of mixing and shaking, he realized that a growing number of people were reducing their alcohol consumption, and felt that they deserved something delicious to drink, too.

Two of the flavours in Edna’s starting lineup: Mojito and Paloma. jonny_nono photo

So he launched Edna’s, an alcohol-free canned cocktail remarkable for its careful craftsmanship and the high quality of its all-natural ingredients. (The name comes from Cockney rhyming slang—Dame Edna Everage, sounds like beverage, get it?) So far there are four classic flavours: the Mojito, Paloma, Collins and Mule. Each is bright, refreshing and flavourful straight from the can—but of course, you could easily use it as a mixer for an easy, boozy cocktail, too. 

Edna’s comes in sleek 355 mL cans, and is sold either as singles or in four-packs at all the cool shops around town. Find a list of retailers at ednascocktails.com.

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