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B.C.'s only magazine dedicated to local distilleries and cocktail culture is back with a winter issue filled with lively commentary and useful tips to inject a little spirit (or two) into the holidays.

Our team includes award-winning writers and mixologists passionate about liquor, from how it's made, to how it can be used. We look at current trends, the history of classic cocktails, and offer original recipes for you to wow your friends and family with at home.

We also provide a full list of B.C distillery listings, with independent tasting notes provided by our panel of renowned local experts.

The Alchemist can be found at independent liquor stores, select bars and restaurants, and at any B.C. distillery listed.

Whatever your favourite tipple, please raise your glass and join us in a toast.

Santé. Salute. Prost. Kanpai. Slange Var. Bottoms up.

However you choose to say it: Cheers!