Tales with a twist

Chambar’s Philippe Grandbois weaves new tales for classic cocktails

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For more than a decade, Chambar has been known as not only a destination restaurant famous for its Belgian and North African-influenced cuisine, but also as a cocktail haven that has attracted and nurtured some of the city’s top talent. Now, the restaurant has taken its cocktail program one step further, hiring Philippe Grandbois as Creative Director of Mixology — a new position in the company.

Grandbois spent several years with the Ritz Carlton hotel group overseas, working in more than 11 countries and regions, including Bangalore, Shanghai and Montreal.

“I’m really excited to align myself with what I think is the best restaurant in Vancouver and the amazing team there,” he says. “It’s a long-standing business that has been highly successful, and I’m looking to now bring that up to a world-class level. We have a fantastic kitchen to work with that produces exceptional food with bold flavours, and the goal is to get the program to the stage where it matches the character of the food, and the essence of Chambar.”

Grandbois plans to work closely with his team, including bar manager Yacine Sylla, to create a menu that is rooted in storytelling. “All of the best things I have done in my life have been done in collaboration, and this is a team that supports that idea. Every cocktail is perishable art. The classic cocktail world is extremely dynamic; there are beverages that have outlasted multiple wars, multiple countries. I want to align the stories of those cocktails with the story of Chambar, and evolve these concepts into a new era of mixology.”

568 Beatty St., Vancouver • 604-879-7119

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