Michelin honour for Suyo’s Max Curzon-Price

Max Curzon-Price has been awarded the prestigious Michelin’s Exceptional Cocktails Award.

Max Curzon-Price is a bartender who is willing to go there, whether that means dressing in bonnet and matronly frock to represent an old Dutch portrait for a cocktail competition or serving a drink made with fresh blood. Now his fearless approach to cocktailing has earned him the prestigious Michelin’s Exceptional Cocktails Award, in the second year the Guide has covered Vancouver.

As the bar manager at Suyo Modern Peruvian, he and co-creator Andrew Kong craft a list that is all about storytelling, at times told through flakes of gold, vessels of stone or iron, and flavours of the Pacific tides, desert, mountains or, like the cocktail pictured on this page, the rainforest.

“It is an honour to share the stories of Peruvian culture, Incan history, and to celebrate the cuisine of Peru,” says Curzon-Price. “Our cocktail program is dedicated to storytelling and for that to be recognized by Michelin further fuels our inspiration for all our future endeavours.”

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