The Last Word: A classic Bronx

A classic Bronx, shaken the Nick and Nora way. Dan Toulgoet photo, taken at D/6 Bar & Lounge, Parq Vancouver.

“The important thing is the rhythm. Always have rhythm in your shaking. Now a Manhattan you shake to foxtrot time, a Bronx to two-step time, but a dry martini you always shake to waltz time.”

Nick Charles (William Powell) covers the essentials in the 1934 classic movie The Thin Man.

• 1.5 oz gin
• 0.75 oz dry vermouth
• 0.75 oz sweet vermouth
• 1 oz freshly squeezed orange juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with an orange twist. Serves 1.


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