Into the Aether

Photo courtest of Botanist

Designed by Botanist Bar team members Grant Sceney, Jeff Savage and Max Curzon-Price. Note that the team uses their own housemade vermouth, but any quality dry vermouth will also work.

• 1.5 oz Bols Genever
• 0.75 oz dry vermouth
• 0.75 oz cold-pressed white tea
• 0.25 oz BOLS Maraschino
• 1 barspoon peated Scotch whisky
• 1 barspoon salt water (5%)

Combine all ingredients and stir with ice until chilled and properly diluted. Strain into a chilled coupe and express a fresh grapefruit zest over the cocktail. Discard the zest, and serve. Levitation optional. Serves 1.

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